Research shows:

That it takes just 1/20th of a second for site visitors to form a first impression about your business.

And once that first impression is seared into their minds, they will either stay and explore what you have to offer, or they will leave and find someone else. It happens very fast.

Really, you may be better off with no website at all, than with an “outdated” site.

At the very least your site needs to be “responsive”, that is, it needs to be able to adapt to view properly on all kinds of devices. An older style of site could look great on your PC, but have you viewed it on your phone? If it’s not scalable, it will be impossible to read without pinching the screen to zoom in…which may deter potential customers from staying on your site.

If your site is outdated, it sends a message that you don’t really care…and if you don’t care about your website, you probably don’t care about the rest of your business. If your prospective customers don’t “feel good” then they won’t trust you.

These days people expect companies to be on top of the game, and to be forward-moving…your website reflects your professionalism. If your site doesn’t give your customers quick and easy solutions it will quickly be dropped and your competition may get your business.

If your website gives your customer a bad experience…or has outdated info, it’s harming your business.

Google likes responsive websites, with freshly updated content…your old site will actually be penalized with lower rankings…even if you’ve been around longer than your competitors, Google doesn’t really care!

An outdated site can be a potential target for fraudsters and could even suggest you don’t have a business anymore! 🙁

Contact me do discuss the ways you can update your site that are alot easier than you think.

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